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Spending Cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere.

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Wide range of consumption scenarios

Support binding Alipay, Meituan, Jingdong, DDT, Google Play, Telegram, Amazon, GoDaddy, Midjourney, Netflix and other online payment scenarios.

Easy card activation

To apply for a card, you only need to provide a photo of your ID card/passport and a valid mobile phone number. Use the card right out of the box and no activation required.

No limit on cash withdrawals

The cash withdrawal limit is unlimited (ATM cash withdrawal from credit account), and Mastercard cash withdrawals are supported at ATMs worldwide.

Support for high-value transactions

Support large amount of spending (unlimited credit card), 0% handling fee in Hong Kong, 2% handling fee in other regions.

How to get and use XT Card?

XT Card is a Mastercard debit card that securely converts digital currency into fiat currency for in-store and online purchases.

1. Apply for a card
(The card will be mailed to the shipping address you fill in after successful card activation, and the maximum mailing time is up to 30 days)
2. Deposit
Bind your card number to your XT account, deposit your cryptocurrency and convert it to fiat currency in real time, and when you're done, you'll be able to spend it in brick-and-mortar shops or online.
3. Spending and card management
Use your XT card at MasterCard merchants worldwide!
Manage your MasterCard on the XT platform and view your spending history, balance and more!


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