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Mystery Box

How to deposit

Select Chain

Select the blockchain of your NFT, currently supported blockchains include: XSC, BSC, Ethereum, Polygon

Connect to wallet

Only support MetaMask wallet currently

Deposit NFT

Please enter the contract address, both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 are supported


The deposit transaction is executed on the blockchain and the latency is subject to network confirmation.


How to open an NFT account?

You can visit XT NFT with your XT account. If you are not an XT user, please please create an account first first.

How to snap up a mystery box?

There is a random NFT surprise gift in blind box, and the mystery can only be revealed by opening it. There are up to five tiers of NFTs: Legendary (UR), Epic (SSR), Rare (SR), Excellent (R), and Normal (N).

1. Go to mystery box page, each blind box is marked with fixed price and purchase quantity (adjustable).

2. The number of NFTs on sale and the rarity in the blind box are also displayed here

3. Select the number of mystery boxes to be purchased, and then click [Buy].

4. The [Order Details] pop-up window will be displayed to ask the buyer to confirm the purchase details. If you are satisfied with the transaction, click [Confirm].

5. After purchasing the blind box, you can choose to open it directly, or add it to your personal collection. Please note that once sold, blind boxes cannot be returned. However, the buyer can sell the blind box in the XT NFT marketplace, or open the box and sell the NFT inside the blind box.

How to check my NFT and account address?

Click to enter [XT NFT] page, click the avatar in the upper right corner, and go to [Personal Center] to check your NFT and address is diaplayed below the user information.

How to join in INO sale of XT NFT?

1. Login your personal XT account and go to XT NFT homepage. Click on NFT sale banner that you wish to join in.

2. You will redirect to the event page, where you can see the project description, the total number of NFTs issued, the unit issuance price, and the countdown to each stage.

NFT INO sales can be divided into 4 stages.

(1) Preparation: deposit or buy currency corresponding to the currency and amount required for the issuance unit price, and then transfer to the spot wallet;

(2) Subscription: submit the purchase quantity and tokens required, then deduct the relevant fees;

(3) Settlement: event purchases statistics;

(4) Distribution: distribute NFT. NFT you purchased will be issued to your account. You can click [View NFT Asset], or go to [Personal Center] - [NFT Asset].