UEFA Euro 2024 · XT's Pinnacle Battle
From June 15, 2024, 3:00 (UTC+8) to July 15, 2024, 3:00 (UTC+8)
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Activity 1: XScore Betting Battle, Who Is the Daily WinnerJoin
Activity 2: Predict the Champion, Win Big Prizes with TicketsJoin
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Activity 1:
XScore Betting Battle: Who Is the Daily Winner
Get XScore
Use XScore to participate in daily matchup predictions. Winners will split the opponent's XScore. Join now!
XScore is a points token launched by XT.COM. It is calculated based on the trading fees (converted to USDT) generated from users' spot or futures trading, and determined by a certain exchange rate.
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Redeemable XScore
Betting Records
Step 1
Trading Gets XScore
Fees converted to XScore automatically
Step 2
Predict the Winner
Win and share opponent's XScore
Step 3
Redeem XT
1 XScore worth 1 USDT
Activity 2:
Predict the Champion, Win Big Prizes with Tickets
Get Tickets
Your Points = No. of Tickets Voted * Stage Points Multiplier. Your Reward = (Your Points / Total Points of the Champion Team) * Total Prize Pool.
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Lucky Draw: Romantic 7-Day Trip to Paris for Two
Worth 10,000 USDT

At the end of the event, a lucky draw will be conducted among users who made accurate predictions and earned points. One lucky winner will have the opportunity to win a trip to experience the charm of Paris, France.

draw Image

2024.07.15 10:00 (UTC+8) Performing Lucky Draw

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Complete Tasks and Get Tickets

Tickets Acquisition Time:2024.06.15 03:00 - 2024.07.10 03:00(UTC+8)

Single Task
Daily Task
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50U spot/150U futures trading

New registered users only


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XScore Redemption Rules

Within three days after the end of the match (from 12:00 on July 15 to 12:00 on July 18, UTC+8), users must manually exchange their XScore for an equivalent amount of XT (1 XScore is worth 1 USDT). The redemption amount will be calculated based on XT's latest trading price at that time. Unused XScores will not be exchanged.

Can participants place bets on multiple teams at the same time in Activity 1 (Betting Battle)?

Users can place bilateral bets or stack bets before the end of the match. XScore tokens already bet will not be refunded until the pool is settled by 09:00 (UTC+8) the day after the match ends.

How is the prize pool allocated for Activity 2 (Champion Prediction)?

In each prediction stage, predicting the final champion with a ticket earns points multiplied by the corresponding factor, which will determine the final distribution of prize money.

There are a total of 5 stages, each corresponding to specific point multipliers and durations:

StagePoints MultiplierTime (UTC+8)
Stage 115x06.15 00:00 - 06.24 03:00
Stage 210x06.24 03:00 - 06.30 00:00
Stage 35x06.30 00:00 - 07.06 00:00
Stage 43x07.06 00:00 - 07.10 03:00
Stage 51x07.10 03:00 - 07.15 03:00
Reward Calculation Formula: User Reward = (User Points / Champion Team’s Total Points) × Total Prize Pool.
For example: Suppose Ben correctly predicts the champion in Stage 2 using one ticket, he earns 10 points (1 ticket * 10x points multiplier). If the champion team's total points are 10,000 and the total prize pool is 500,000 USDT, Ben’s reward will be 500 USDT. The calculation is: (10 / 10,000) × 500,000 USDT = 500 USDT.
Incorrect predictions will not yield any rewards and the reward for a single user is capped at 5% of the total prize pool.

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