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Maximum Purchase Quantity {{ieoDetail.maxBuyAmount}}{{getCurrencyName(ieoDetail.launchCurrencyId)}} 未公布
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purchase agreement

1.XT.COM Tokens LaunchPad is a global investment channel for high-quality block chain assets. Once the block chain assets are purchased, they are directly entered into the project account. Once you accept, the transaction is non-refundable and cannot be changed or revoked. Please buy carefully.

2.Please refer to the asset introduction on this page for information on asset issuance. For more asset information, please consult the project party.

3. The asset allocation time is subject to the project side schedule.

4.Due to the large fluctuations in the blockchain asset market, please invest carefully and take risk control. The platform does not assume the obligation of prior notice and price compensation.


Requirements for participating in this token sale

All users must complete identity verification to meet the requirements of this project

Albania, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, North Korea, Congo (gold), Cuba, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Canada, Zimbabwe, Cote d'Ivoire, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Malaysia, Macedonia, the United States, Malaysia, South, Libya, Sri Lanka, Koh, Somalia, Da, Ukraine, New Zealand, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Central Africa, Mainland China

According to the new terms, all the users must sign the purchase agreement

Project brief introduction

Name: {{ieoDetail.projectName}} Selling quantity: {{ieoDetail.launchAmountDisplay ? ieoDetail.launchAmount : "未公布"}}{{getCurrencyName(ieoDetail.launchCurrencyId)}}
Activity time: {{ieoDetail.startTime}} — {{ieoDetail.endTime}} Price: {{ieoDetail.price}}{{getCurrencyName(ieoDetail.priceCurrencyId)}}
Technological foundation: {{ieoDetail.technologyDescription}} Minimum Quantity:{{ieoDetail.minBuyAmountDisplay ? ieoDetail.minBuyAmount : "未公布"}}{{getCurrencyName(ieoDetail.launchCurrencyId)}}
Website: {{}} Reward: {{ieoDetail.bonusProportion * 100}}%
Whitepaper: {{whitePage()}}