C2C Instruction

C2C Instruction


This transaction is a C2C transaction between users. Because the SXC daily price is constant, the system will randomly match buyers and sellers. Only users who have passed XT.com real-name authentication are supported. Please bind the receiving bank card before the transaction.

1. How to buy SXC?

Please submit a purchase order according to the SXC public price in XT.com. The system automatically matches a merchant for you please make the payment within 24 hours according to payment information. After the merchant receives the payment the SXC will be sent to your account within 2 hours.

2. How to sell SXC?

Please submit a sell order according to the SXC public price in XT.com. The system automatically matches a merchant for you. The merchant will make the payment within 24 hours since you successfully place the sell order.

3. How to determine the price of SXC?

The price of SXC is constant (slightly fine-tuned). Please place your order at the specified price.

4.What information shall you provide when buy?

You shall provide name/ Phone number / XT.com deposit address/ XT.com account name.

5.Is there a limit for SXC?

At present the minimum of buying and selling SXC is 100 per trade while the maximum is 1 000 000.

6.How long will the SXC be credited to my account?

Generally the SXC will be credited to the customer’s account within half an hour. Sometimes it may take 3 to 5 hours or longer. The actual arrive time is subject to the blockchain network.

7.Is there any fee?

There is no fee for this trading.

8. how long will this order be valid?

The order will be valid for 24 hours. It will be invalid if the order cannot be matched within 24 hours. Generally the order will be matched in 2 hours.

9.How to deal with the dispute in C2C Trade?

All C2C customers’ accounts have been KYC verified on XT.com. If there is a dispute during the trade please provide the records of payment or deposit to XT.com online customer service for investigation.

10.What is the working hour of C2C?

The working hour is from 9:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m daliy.