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OTC Service Agreement

OTC Service Agreement

The "OTC Service Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement") is a supplement to the User Agreement of ( (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") and is applicable to the OTC Trading Service on the Website.The User Agreement and other terms of the Website apply to all its users. Please read and understand the Agreement before proceeding to the next step. If you proceed to the next step through the Website or use the OTC Trading Service in any way, you shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the Agreement. The Agreement may be modified, altered or updated by the Website at any time without prior notice. You should check frequently to confirm that your understanding of the Agreement is timely and accurate.After the effective date of any modification, change or update, if you continue to use any of the services on the Website, you shall be deemed to have accepted the new, modified or updated Agreement.All contents of this website are provided in multiple languages for the convenience of users. In case of any conflict or omission, the Chinese content shall prevail.

I. Definition

1.1 OTC Trading: a service created by for OTC trading of digital asset. You can create sell/buy orders on the OTC trading page, make transactions with intended counterparties to meet the demand for the exchange of digital assets between users. All users must ensure that the source of OTC trading funds is legal and reliable.

1.2 OTC Trading Rules: including user agreements, OTC trading rules and other agreements or terms, rules, implementation rules, product process instructions, announcements, etc. that have been published and subsequently published on the Websites and OTC trading pages.

1.3 数字资产:一般是指以电子数据形式存在的、有一定价值的非货币性资产。出于本协议目的,在本协议环境下,数字资产特指本网站允许用户之间交易的包括但不限于SXC、BTC、ETH和USDT等特定数字资产。

II.Specifications and Requirements

2.1 You should ensure that you have the appropriate rights to post the digital assets you intend to sell on the OTC Trading page or to pay for the purchases. You may not sell or purchase information that is not related to digital assets on the OTC Trading page. Your sale, purchase or release of information, etc. shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations of your sovereign country or region and the requirements of the OTC trading rules, conform to the social order and good customs, and does not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of any third party.

2.2 Through the OTC trading service provided by the Website, you publish an advertisement for the purchase or sale order, or you accept the purchase or sale order of other users, which means you agree and accept the price or quantity displayed on the purchase or sale order. Once you create or accept the transaction, its price is locked and neither the buyer nor the seller is able to change or add any additional charges to the transaction. During the entire transaction, the digital assets involved in the transaction order will be managed by the Website until the seller confirms receipt of the full payment and confirms the collection operation on the OTC trading page.

2.3 You should complete the payment in accordance with the valid payment details provided by the seller on the legal currency trading platform. The payment method is for you and the transaction party to take the payment without going through the Website, including but not limited to online banking transfer, Alipay, WeChat transfer, etc. The transaction dispute arising from the payment channel other than the payment method provided by the OTC trading service of this website is not related to the Website. The Website shall not assume any form of responsibility.

2.4 When you sell or purchase digital assets on the OTC trading page, please be sure to carefully confirm the type, price, quantity, or payment requirements, amount and other important matters of the digital assets sold or purchased, and verify your or counterparty's account information, receiving and paying accounts and other information before the transaction is concluded.If the collection account or payment account you filled out is not yours, you are solely responsible for the legal consequences of this action. Your relationship with the owner of the collection account is not related to the Website.

2.5 You shall maintain the benign competition order of the market of legal currency trading platform, shall not devalue or slander competitors, shall not interfere with any transactions and activities carried out on the Website, shall not promote or attempt to improve your credit in any improper way, shall not interfere with or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the Website in any way.

2.6 If any of your actions on the OTC trading page disrupt or will disrupt the normal trading order of the trading service, based on the need to maintain the OTC trading order and transaction security, the website has the right to take measures such as closing the relevant trading order, limiting the use of the account, etc.

2.7 You shall abide by the principle of good faith, ensure that the information you publish is lawful, compliant, authentic and effective, and fulfill your transaction commitments during the transaction.

2.8 You should pay taxes according to the laws and regulations of your country or region.

III. Fee

3.1 Please refer to the “OTC Trading Platform Service Rate Description” for the fees charged by the Website for the legal currency trading platform services provided to you.

IV. Digital Asset Transaction Dispute Resolution

4.1 If the buyer fails to pay the order due to no operation within the time limit, the seller may apply for a complaint, which shall be deemed to have been cancelled after arbitration and shall not be subject to dispute, overturn or change.

4.2 In case of any dispute between the buyer and the seller, either party may appeal through the Website. The Website decides to release the disputed digital currency to one of the two parties in accordance with the terms of the transaction, the payment evidence and the relevant provisions of the user agreement of the website.

4.3 In case of any dispute over the transaction, the buyer shall provide the proof of payment within 24 hours as required by the Website, including the screenshot of the transfer and the serial number. If there is reason to believe that the buyer may engage in fraudulent activities, the Website can provide the buyer's information to the seller to recover funds and prevent or detect fraudulent activities. The extent of the information disclosure is subject to the above-mentioned purposes as we deem necessary, including but not limited to the buyer's contact details, login and transaction history and/or any details and records, and the buyer's authentication measures through this website.

4.4 Providing fraudulent information or documents in a dispute, or making a claim in a false manner, or attempting to force a transaction to be biased towards oneself is considered a violation of the Agreement.

V.Responsibility Statement and Liability Exemption

5.1 The Website only provides you with OTC trading service. You understand that the information of sale and purchase on the OTC trading page is published by users themselves and may be risky and flawed. The Website will ensure the legal rights and good experience of your OTC trading as much as possible by establishing relevant inspection and monitoring systems in accordance with the law. At the same time, as OTC trading is characterized by a large amount of information and real-time changes under the information network environment, the Website cannot review the information purchased after the intended sale and the transaction information thus concluded one by one. Therefore, you should be cautious in your judgment.

5.2 Based on the particularity of the transaction of digital assets, you need to pay special attention to the risk of anti-money laundering. In accordance with the KYC principle, you need to know the identity of your counterparty you are dealing with, otherwise, you may face the risk of asset freezing and other risks due to the suspected crime of the counterparty.

5.3 If the information published on the OTC trading page constitutes a breach of contract, the Website may immediately delete, block or dispose of the information published according to the corresponding rules. The loss of assets and profits directly or indirectly caused by you will be borne by yourselve.

5.4 When you use the OTC trading service, but violate the relevant laws and regulations, or violate the OTC trading rules, the Website has the right to restrict or freeze your account or account assets, and take other reasonable measures to prevent the expansion of adverse consequences to the Website and third parties caused by your illegal brench.

5.5 If your behaviour causes the Website to suffer losses(including direct economic losses, loss of goodwill and compensation for external payments, and indirect economic losses such as compensation,settlement, attorney fees, legal fees, etc.), and you shall compensate the Website for all of the above losses.If your behaviour cause the website to be subject to the rights of a third party, this website may recover all losses from you after assuming the obligation to pay the third party.

VI. Assets legality commitment

6.1 I/The unit promises that the use and purpose of the entrusted assets are legal, which is not a public fundraising that violates regulations and meets the requirements of relevant anti-money laundering laws and regulations. XT reserves the right to require me/the unit to provide proof of the legality of the source and purpose of the assets for investigation.I/the unit is willing to cooperate.

I/the unit will strictly abide by the above commitments. If I violate the legal commitment of the source and purpose of the entrusted assets, XT has the right to restrict me/unit from withdrawing the assets. I / the unit bears all the losses and legal liabilities caused

The final interpretation of this agreement belongs to