Filecoin distributed storage space services The highest block explosion, top currency supply and the best choice to join Filecoin network.

Filecoin storage space

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What' s included in the storage space services?

  • Space type FIL(Filecoin)
  • Space size 1TB/份
  • Starting time Filecoin mainnet goes live
  • Period 365 days

What' s our strength?

  • Clustered architecture Flexible layered architecture
  • Open and transparent output Publicity and traceablility of data on the chain
  • Professional operation and maintenance services 7*24 all-round monitoring

Incomes settlement

  • This service will participate in the Filecoin official testnet reward plan. After the user completes an order and leases successfully, the relevant hashrate will enter the mining pool agent and be reasonably allocated to participate in the hashrate competition of the official testnet reward plan. The rewards will be distributed fairly according to the actual effective storage space.
  • This service is distributed according to the actual incomes per T of the mining pool. The user completes an order and leases successfully, and the hashrate incomes will be calculated after the Filecoin mainnet goes live. The mining output incomes will be automatically transferred to the account in the form of T+1.
  • This service will charge 20% of the daily mining revenue as the management fee. The management fee includes the electricity fee, hosting fee, bandwidth fee, operation and maintenance and mining pool system usage fee during the service period.

Risk warning

  • There may be price fluctuations in Fileoin, and the difficulty of mining will be adjusted from time to time, which can lead to the incomes changing of FIL-IPFS 8TB Contract. Regardless of the digital currency or fiat currency, this contract does not make a refund commitment. Users shall carefully evaluate their risk tolerance and invest in digital currency mining within an acceptable scope of risk control. The contract issuer reserves all rights of this contract.
  • The user understands and accepts that if changes in objective conditions such as the formulation or modification of relevant national laws, regulations, and regulatory documents lead to the suspension or prohibition of the Filecoin mining behavior, this contract is automatically terminated, and the resultant losses of all parties shall be borne by themselves separately.

Leasing history

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