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Warmmly Note

1. The merchants have already passed the identity verification, and provided security deposit to XT, you can be assured to exchange.

2. Please use your account's binding bank account to transfer funds;

3. Cannot useWeChat, Alipay, other people pay, ATM and counter transfer, if used, may cause the currency to be unpaid;

4. The merchants work from 09:00 to 21:00 each day. Orders after 21:00 will be processed in the next morning. Generally, you can receive funds within one hours, the specific receiving time will be subject to the funds arrive to merchant's account.;

5. Please complete the payment with the bound bank card within 30 minutes after the order is placed, otherwise the currency will not be available for payment;

6. One account can submit at most {{sellMaxAmount}} sell orders and {{buyMaxAmount}} buy orders in one day;

7. If your order is not processed within 24 hours, please contact online customer service. Or customer service will contact you. Please keep your cell phone open.