XT ( XT.com Token)

XT is XT.com platform points based on ERC20. XT carries community rights, circulation attributes and value attributes. The total supply of XT is 1 billion with no additional issuance forever.


///////////////////////////////////XT.com introduction ///////////////////////////////////

Founded in July 2018 and headquartered in Hong Kong XT.com is a global digital currency trading service provider. XT.com exchange has world top matching engine to support secure and fast OTC transactions. As the first trading platform to launch interest-free margin trading, the number of daily active users has reached tens of thousands. The transaction fee of XT.com is the lowest. XT.com supports Chinese English Japanese Korean and other multi-language languages serving more than 1 million global users in nearly 100 countries and regions.

Founded by well-known capital fund FIBTC LTD, XT.com now has operation centers in Japan , Singapore , South Korea, Spain and other countries and regions. With the technical support of ZB , XT.com provides users with the safest, most efficient and most professional digital asset investment services.