XT distribution plan XT rights

What is XT?

XT is XT.COM platform point based on ERC20 standard of Ethereum block chain, which bears community rights and interests, circulation attribute and value attribute. The total supply of XT is 1 billion, with no additional issuance forever.

XT Fund

XT Fund will incubate and invest in outstanding block chain projects , and promote the diversification of XT.COM ecosystem and the development of global block chain industry.

Founding team

20% XT will be used for function development , system operation and maintenance of the XT platform, including providing incentives for team members, research and development funds, etc.

Member Rewards

Half of XT (50%) is giving back to members/users who recommend the corresponding new users and producing transaction commission.

Marketing promotion

10% is used for brand building, operation and promotion of XT platform, including continuous promotion and popularization of XT platform for traditional industries and block chain industries, providing financial support for various market activities, ensuring that XT platform is quickly recognized by the market and accumulating transaction users.